Intelligent solutions for commercial and consumer products


Commercial Solutions

Entrance (1).png

Building Security

Ensure building safety with multi-factor authorization using Silk’s facial recognition with your existing badge verification system. Label pedestrian and object characteristics for quick search, prevent unauthorized or unknown people (including tailgaters) from entry, and detect violence and vandalism. 

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Retail Analytics

Identify and optimize foot traffic and dwell time to drive revenue growth. Heat map analysis enables customer path tracking to better understand shopping behaviors, offer targeted promotions, and identify sales opportunities.

Advertising Display

Capture detailed audience behavior, demographics, and characteristics to better understand the effectiveness of your advertisement and increase conversions.

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queue management

Identify and track queue length at specific times of day and days of the week to optimize employee staffing and product placement. 

Access Control (1).png

access control

Ensure that only authorized individuals are given access by leveraging Silk’s facial recognition technology with a unique smartphone secure token transmitted via Bluetooth and a person’s photo badge I.D.  

vehicle detection (3).png

vehicle Detection

Detect theft, loitering, and suspicious audio signals such as glass breaking or car alarms to ensure parking lot safety and security. Identify vehicle type, color, and license plate number for quick and accurate search. 


Consumer Solutions

Face Recognition (1).png

Face Recognition

Identify family and friends using Silk’s advanced facial recognition deep learning models. Know when your children are home safe, and be quickly notified if an intruder or unknown person is detected. 

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Monitor when a package is delivered, when it’s been picked-up (by a known person), and if an unknown person has taken the package. 


Predator Detection

Ensure the safety of your loved ones and pets by detecting unknown animal intruders, including neighborhood dogs or wild animals such as coyotes and foxes.